SR SAFETY is a rising star to the industry of photoluminescent signage & Emergency Lights who is both inventive and trustworthy. We supply photoluminescent emergency EXIT/FIRE Signage & Lights in Public Buildings, Commercials, Corporate Houses, Hospitals, Factories, Auditoriums, Theaters, Hotels, Subway, Restaurants, Schools, Aircrafts, Hostels, Warehouses, Power Plants, Amusement Parks, and other locations.

When emergency situations arise as a result of unexpected power outages or accidents, producing bewilderment and panic, as a result, escape routes are no longer visible, making evacuation impossible.

Photoluminescent material works without Electricity for emission of glow. This material is environment friendly and pollution free, as it does not cause any heat, flame, electric shock or pollution. With exposure to light natural or artificial this photoluminesent light is realized to give off luminous glow by non-toxic chemical.

It has long life as it does not need internal or external wiring / electric supply. It is water proof, vapor, explosion proof, corrosion proof, mold proof, fire retardant and non radioactive.