Exit lights

Emergency exit lights function as a safety beacon, illuminating escape routes in the event of a fire, power loss, or other emergency. By reducing the possibility of mishaps and injury, their steady, strong illumination facilitates occupant movement via stairwells, hallways, and other escape routes.



A range of signages, such as safety labels, egress path markings, and exit signs, can be made using photoluminescent materials. Its adaptability enables imaginative and successful incorporation into a range of interior and architectural design projects.


Emergency Escape Route Plan

The most common causes of them are floods and fires. Large-scale evacuations are frequently the result of major catastrophes like hurricanes. In addition, hazardous materials are released into the air hundreds of times a year due to industrial and transportation accidents, which force many people to evacuate their homes and places of employment.


Anti Skid Tapes

Textured surfaces are an integral part of anti-skid tapes’ engineering, greatly enhancing traction. These tapes provide a solid grip underfoot, lowering the risk of slips and falls, whether they are used on floors, stairs, ramps, or walkways.


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